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An unexpected friendship with David McCullough

What do Pulitzer Prize-winning historian David McCullough and a young staffer at 60 Minutes have in common? Turns out, a lot!

One of the great things about working on 60 Minutes is you get to meet such an array of people: from princes and queens, all the way down to serial killers and mobster hoodlums, along with all the interesting people in between.

Certainly, David McCullough ranked as one of the most interesting. We all know that he's America's premiere historian-- his books have sold more than 10 million copies and his documentaries on PBS are all critically acclaimed. But what we didn't know was that David McCullough is also a really nice guy.

This week, Morley Safer interviewed McCullough on the broadcast, and when we asked his team about their experience with McCullough, 34-year-old associate producer Jonathan Schienberg couldn't say enough nice things about the guy.

So, we decided to let Schienberg tell you himself, along with some help from Morley, what it was like to work with the great David McCullough.