An <i>American Idol</i> Fan For Prez

First Fred, now Condi? That's the hope of the movement to draft Secretary of State Condi Rice into the 2008 GOP presidential campaign. Organizers of tell us that they believe their effort will be as successful as the one that helped to persuade actor and former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson to enter the race.

"I am pleased to see that Thompson's draft movement has succeeded," says's Richard Holt. "Thompson was compelled to run for office by a grass-roots network of supporters. This proves that a draft movement can, and will, succeed for Condi Rice as well."

Why Condi? Besides being a pro on world affairs and a trusted Bush counselor, she's a huge American Idol fan. That alone could be a good base on which to run. And she's probably the most recognized football fan in the administration, often telling reporters of her wish to someday become the NFL's commish.

Back to reality, Holt tells us he's hopeful because even with Thompson's likely entry into the race, there appears to still be a desire among Republican voters for a fresh face.

"It's clear that the current selection of candidates simply leaves a sour taste in the mouth of conservatives," he says. "They don't excite the base."

By Paul Bedard