An homage to the upcoming Shark Week (with a furry and funny twist)

(CBS News) The always exciting, popular and fun Shark Week from Discovery is coming up on August 12th. And while most of us are content to sit back and enjoy the feats and frights on television, one group wants to try and get in on the action. But they lack any real budget. And they're on the Internet. And they technically don't have any access to sharks... so what exactly do you do?  The above video, that's what.

Help! I'm being eaten alive by adorable! The trailer for the cute parody series entitled "Animals Acting Like Sharks Week" by Revision3 cleverly touches upon one of the one most important elements to make an Internet hit: cute and furry animals (preferably dressed in costumes)! To check out more work from Revision3 or watch episodes of the series as they come out, you can click here to go to their YouTube page.