An a cappella music medley of 90's hit songs will have nostalgia wash over you

(CBS News) About two weeks ago I posted a video of 50 great guitar riffs from the 90's. It was awesome. Check it out if you missed it.  And in that post I mentioned how I'm a really big 90's kid. Like huge. Seriously. So on that note, check out another amazing mix of hit songs from the 90's, this time done a cappella. Can't you just feel the nostalgia washing over you?

The musical trip down memory lane was done by Aaron Rose (aka whatisaviola), who writes that he was inspired to do this video by singer Matt Mulholland, an Internet sensation who has been featured here on The Feed multiple times. Major props go out Aaron for putting together such a great collection of 90's covers that has us longing for those carefree days of old (though I would miss so much that the Internet offers now).  To check out more work by Aaron Rose, you can visit his YouTube page by clicking here.