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Amy Klobuchar says she's raised $12 million since New Hampshire debate

Klobuchar says she's raised $12 million since last debate
Klobuchar says she's raised $12 million since New Hampshire debate 06:44

Washington — Senator Amy Klobuchar has raked in $12 million in donations in the wake of her breakout performance during the last Democratic debate, she revealed Sunday, a haul that allows her to devote more resources to the states who will vote on Super Tuesday.

"We're building up our staff all over the country in the Super Tuesday states because finally I've gotten the resources I need, over $12 million just in a little over a week since the New Hampshire debate," Klobuchar said during an interview on "Face the Nation."

Klobuchar's strong performance during the last debate, which took place just before last week's New Hampshire primary, was widely heralded and helped her finish third in the contest, behind Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg.

Exit polling showed almost half of New Hampshire Democratic primary voters decided on their candidate in the final days before voting. Among voters who said the last debate was important in their decision, Klobuchar led the field.

The  Minnesota senator is now in Nevada ahead of its caucuses Saturday and said she is "very excited" about her chances in the state.

Klobuchar touted her leadership in the Senate on tourism, an industry crucial to Nevada, which she said should help her stand out among the field of remaining Democratic candidates. Nevada is also represented by two women in the Senate, and the majority of members in its state legislature are women.

"They are used to electing women and they're very proud of it," Klobuchar said. 

The Democratic presidential hopeful was pressed on her record as a prosecutor in Minnesota and said her willingness to answer tough questions about her tenure puts her at odds with another Democratic candidate for president: former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

"I am on your show right now, Margaret, answering these tough questions. Where is he?" Klobuchar said. "He just keeps running a bunch of ads. He'll probably have more ads during your show in certain states than I'm on answering your questions."

Bloomberg, who is self-financing his campaign, has blitzed the airwaves with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of ads but has not yet qualified for any of the Democratic primary debates. If he were to appear on stage alongside his fellow Democrats, Klobuchar said she is confident she would defeat him.

"He cannot hide behind the airwaves and the money," she said. "I think he has to come on the shows and I personally think he should be on the debate stage. I'm never going to beat him on the airwaves. But I can beat him on the debate stage."

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