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Amid heightened VP speculation, Trump meets with Pence

Clinton, Trump VP options
Clinton, Trump VP options 05:09

Donald Trump met with Indiana Gov. Mike Pence early Wednesday, fueling further speculation that Pence could be chosen as the presumptive Republican nominee's running mate in the general election.

CBS News' Major Garrett reports from Indianapolis that Trump, along with key members of his family, visited Pence at the governor's residence for an hour-long meeting, days before the Republican party's national convention kicks off in Cleveland.

Sources close to Pence told CBS News that Trump called his family -- including his children Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. and son-in-law Jared Kushner -- and instructed them to fly to Indianapolis for this morning's breakfast meeting, for which Trump cancelled his initial plans to fly back to New York City. Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was also in attendance.

The family advisers have long thought highly of the political benefits Pence could bring to the ticket but did not know him nearly as well as New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Garrett reports. The meeting was designed to solidify the family bond with Pence and elevate Trump‎'s comfort level, should he select Pence as his running mate.

The choreography of the meeting seems to suggest Pence is now in a category by himself as the most likely pick to be Trump's running mate.

Speaking to reporters later in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Pence said that "nothing was offered" during the meeting.

"Nothing was accepted, but we had a great conversation about the country," he said.

Pence went on to praise Trump as a "dedicated family man" and extolled the presumptive nominee's other qualities.

"This is someone who is -- he's a dedicated family man. A great dad. He's a builder. He's a fighter and he's a patriot," Pence said. "And I think he's going to make a great president of the United States."

The New York real estate mogul says he'll reveal his veep pick Friday. Pence must decide by then whether to run for re-election as Indiana's governor.

In a vice presidential audition Tuesday night, the Indiana governor -- whose political resume includes a long stint as a U.S. representative -- introduced Trump at his Westfield, Indiana rally.

"We are ready to put a fighter, a builder and a patriot in the Oval Office of the United States of America," Pence said, appearing alongside the presumptive nominee. "We are ready for Donald Trump to be our next president!"

Pence followed up the appearance with a flurry of Twitter messages, coming out as a strong advocate for a Trump presidency, and he also attacked the billionaire's general election rival Hillary Clinton.

CBS News' Major Garrett contributed to this report.

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