"America's Next Top Model: British Invasion" has a winner

"Season Finale" -- Sophie is the winner of America's Next Top Model on The CW. Cycle 18 Photo: Walter Sassard/The CW
Walter Sassard
Sophie Sumner is the winner of "America's Next Top Model" on The CW, on May 30, 2012.
Walter Sassard/The CW

(CBS News) America has new top model - and she's British.

On Wednesday night, U.K. contestant Sophie Sumner competed against American finalist Laura LaFrate for the "America's Next Top Model" title

The "British Invasion" finale saw the women participate in the annual Cover Girl commercial and photo shoot. LaFrate experienced an anxiety attack at one point and had to be taken to the hospital. She recovered and managed to shine at the shoot for Vogue Italia, but it just wan't enough to win her the crown.

The models battled it out one last time for a Forever 21 holographic runway show where they interacted with lifelike images and walked in sync with outlines of their own bodies.

In the end, Sumner edged out LaFrate for the title. Host Tyra Banks described one of her performances as "genius."

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