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America's Next Top Model

"Top Model" time, and we are down to the final four.

Twin Amanda said she's sad that her sister, Michelle, got eliminated last week. If Michelle wouldn't have shot herself in the foot by telling the judges she was the weakest, I am sure they would have tossed Amanda instead. She's lucky her sister threw herself on the sword for her.

The girls get an authentic lesson in flamenco this week to teach them about working with a partner. Each girl gets a local guy to dance with. All the girls seem to be keeping up with the choreography except Amanda. She just seems so awkward in her own skin, its goofy almost.

After the dance-a-thon, the girls head back to their house to talk smack about each other behind their backs — this is the stuff I love! Carridee and Eugena have formed a friendship and also have the common interest of hating on Melrose. Now, like I stated before, I really think a lot of the hatred towards Melrose comes from jealousy and I still think that.

Eugena and Carridee both agree that they would puke if Melrose won — so then they would just be normal then. (Ha! Kidding, people.) Melrose makes it clear she didn't come on the show to make friends, she came on to win, which is the reason all the girls should be there, in my opinion.

Time for the flamenco lessons to be put into play. Each girl has to perform the routine they learned yesterday, at the same time a photographer will be taking action shots of them dancing. All the girls do their best, even Amanda! But Eugena is the winner today and picks Amanda to receive a prize along with her. Back at the house Eugena and Amanda receive custom-made jackets!

Moving on. The photo shoot is really cool. The girls will be working in pairs — Carridee and Amanda, and Eugena and Melrose. Tyra is on hand at the shoot to coach the girls. They will be floating in below-zero water in evening gowns looking like angels of the water. It looks like the water is REALLY cold. All the girls are shaking uncontrollably and Carridee actually needed to be pulled out of the water because she was shaking so bad.

At panel, the fact that Carridee had to be pulled becomes an issue for the judges since models have to shot in cold conditions all the time. They worry she wont be tough enough for it. But, Carridee and Melrose both turned out the best pictures — as always — and, like I say, it better be them in the final two.

Despite a good picture, it's Carridee and Amanda in the bottom two this week; Amanda because she is so awkward with her body and needs to mature a bit, and Carridee because of the water issues. Luckily, the panel was sensible and Amanda is sent home to her twin.

Next week is the finale. Who will be the winner? My vote is for Melrose … What's yours?

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