America's Next Top Model

It's the famous "hair-formation" episode on "ANTM." This is my favorite episode for two reasons: I think the changes in the girl's total appearances with just a haircut is incredible and I love to see the girls cry, because one always does. This season, Tyra turned the models living room into a salon.

Although this season no one seems to be freaking out as much as past seasons. But AJ, Melrose, and Monique seem to be causing the most trouble. If I were Melrose I would chill because last week she was in the bottom two for acting like a diva at the photo shoot, and her behavior this week when getting her haircut may have her on thin ice and I don't want that because she is one of my favs! Immediately after they get their haircut they do a photo shoot with metallic bathing suits. Let me tell you hair God Frederic Fekkai does them all justice, they look amazing with the exception of AJ who I think looks so manly with her new cut.

Challenge time. This week the girls are in a hotel and on the first floor they have to pick from a bunch of Covergirl makeup that fits them in 30 seconds and get into the elevator.

Megg doesn't make it in time and is eliminated. On the second floor they must pick a perfect dress for them and Monique doesn't make it in time in the elevator and is eliminated (wait till her wrath later), and the last floor they pick shoes for their outfit. Then they must present themselves to Queen Latifah and tell them why the represent a Covergirl. Ejena ends up winning and picks Caridee and Jaeda. They get to have a photo shoot that will be on the Covergirl website.

Meanwhile back at the house, Monique is on her rampage again and hogging up the phone for hours when other girls in the house say they need to use it. Anchal loses it and goes in and hangs up her phone call, which only makes Monique stay on longer, for three hours actually total!! Wow, she is a major b%$ch, I hope she lasts long because it's fun to watch her act like queen of the house!

The photo shoot today is with crazy wigs and hairpieces! It was a lot of fun and it was a test to see if the models could stand out in all the craziness of the hair. Michelle, her sister Amanda, Anchal, Melrose, and Brooke all delivered to me, great pictures.

In the bottom two tonight is Jaeda and Megan. Going home tonight: Megan.