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America's Next Top Model

5 girls left on "Americas Next Top Model." And my two favorites Melrose and Caridee are still in it. Caridee has a close call last week being in the bottom two, let's hope that doesn't happen again.

The girls decide to have a dinner with the local boys and live it up a little while abroad. It seems Caridee has forgotten about her boyfriend she was talking on the phone to last week and ends up swapping spit with the locals. Maybe she believes in the theory if you are in a different zip code it's not cheating. Or maybe they are giving her a bad edit job on the show so it's not completely obvious when she wins. They have had no blonde winner yet on this show.

Tyra visits the girls and does her one on one about life as a model, answering their questions and complaints.

And then this is when my cable went out. I guess the high winds got the best of Top Model. Since I'm not home, I panicked and called a friend after who was watching hoping their power didn't go out. They filled me in best they could.

According to her, Caridee took a beating by the judges this week. I guess she made some inappropriate comments during their go sees. But twin Michelle, who I thought was clearly the better twin, ended up going home. Not sure why but Eugena's pictures and attitude are getting better and Caridee and Melrose are rocking it. But I would have picked Amanda, she is weaker and has even been questioning if she even wants to be a model. Oh well.

Sorry about the power guys. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!