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America's Next Top Model

The girls talk about how Anchal was a little immature. And twin Michelle doubts her desire to be a model, which angers Carridee for good reason. Leave if you don't want it with all your heart.

The girls head off to an acting coach so they have the opportunity to look like fools on camera! Then they do an exercise where they are supposed to let out their real feelings. Carridee drops a bombshell that she once tried to kill herself. It brought a real aspect to the show. The girls then get a chance to film their own silent movie and the winner gets a role on the TV show "One Tree Hill."

The winner is Carridee. And her silent film shows another big surprise: that the girls are going to Spain! Pack your bags, beauties.

Once the girls get to Spain, they are met by some local male models that they will have to shoot with for a Secret Deodorant ad. On top of that, they have to speak in the native tongue. Good luck! I feel like I was watching kiddie porn watching these girls attempt this language and then really tongue kiss these strangers. Jaeda has the worst time because her male model tells her that he doesn't like black girls. Wow. Puts a damper on things for her.

Unfortunately there is no photo shoot, just the commercial and I hate when they do this. I really enjoy seeing the girls' photos more than them makeout with strangers a hundred times. Melrose rocked the house again and Carridee was terrible, so maybe Melrose has taken the top spot.

Carridee and Jaeda end up in the bottom two. Oh, my. Carridee, my favorite, in the bottom two — say its not so.

Phew, that was close, but Jaeda goes home, which is understandable since she has been in the bottom two more than once.