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America's Next Top Model

Two couples are moving on to the finals next week. Sometimes, you can dance your heart out and still not be invited to the ball.

Back from the recap last week and ready for another fierce photo shoot.

Gabby Reece, the pro athlete, teaches the girls about action modeling.
So, of cours,e all the girls have to get in bikinis for a beach action shoot, which makes Anchal very self-conscious because she is a little bigger than the other girls. To be honest, all the girls look a little goofy diving for the volleyball.

James St. James, past guest on this show and author, helps Stanton Barrett, the race car driver, pick a winner today for this NASCAR-inspired shoot. Each girl shoots her own shot with a remote-controlled button for the camera.

Geez, there are a lot of elements to today's challenge!

Twin Michelle accidentally puts her heel through the car but ends up winning anyway. Let's hope she doesn't have to pay to get that car hood fixed! She picks Carridee, Amanda, and Melrose to go on her reward, which is an opportunity for a $10,000 shopping spree.

All three girls have 30 seconds to put on as much clothes and jewelry as they can at a sample sale. Whoever has the most items on wins those items! Melrose ends up having the most items (13), so not only does she win her clothes — she wins the other contenders' clothes, too. This girl is on fire.

Can I simply ask for the "my life as a Cover Girl" commercials to stop? My eyes are burning

Oh. Back to the show.

Action photographer Patrick is shooting the action shots today at an indoor training facility for skydivers. They will put them on top of a big fan, then blastthem up into the air.

Good luck getting a cute picture like that. When I jumped out of a plane, my face looked like Silly Putty. Everyone looks odd to me, but I am sure once they airbrush the waves out of their cheeks, they will all look hot.

Elimination time for the models. Can I just repeat again how much I love Melrose and Carridee? They kill in the photos, and I wish they both could win.

Melrose and Carridee, of course, are the only two with great pictures from the shoot, and these pictures aren't even this great, because it's just weird with no hair, outfit, etc. This might be one of the toughest shoots I have seen, at least this season.

In the bottom two are Anchal and Michelle. Going home tonight is Anchal; her time has finally run out. And it really looked like she was ready to go.