America's Got Talent

Tonight's episode is basically dedicated to the wacky talents and to pick someone to get that final spot in the final show next week. All of the potential finalist performed last night.

These acts are in the finals:

  • The Millers
  • Realis
  • At Last
  • Rappin Granny
  • Passing Zone
  • Celtic Spring
  • Taylor Ware
  • Bianca Ryan.

    First we start off with five acts of wacky talents. One will be picked by the audience to compete in the "wacky talent" finals. And trust me, these are wacky.

    The Sizzle Twins start us off with some juggling and ended with them ripping off their pants to reveal hot-pants. I bet Chippendales will hire them if this doesn't work out.

    Next, Nikolo busts out some black belt moves and wood busting, and Jim gives us his best adult hula hooping. Hula hooping must be the new rave talent. The Rubber band Kid sharp shoots his way along using bands. Ouch. Imagine how that would hurt if he missed. Wonder who his guinea pig was.

    Finally, Dave the hard boiled egg catcher goes. I know it sounds cheesy but this guy catches them in his mouth, AND has the world record. Not surprisingly, he wins and is on his way to the wacky talent finals.

    After Penn and Teller perform (they are amazing by the way) we get to know it's between two magicians fighting for the final spot. David and Dania the quick change, and Nathan the traditional magician.

    David and Dania win that last spot in next weeks finals, should be a good one!