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Attention dog lovers: Museum dedicated to man's best friend opening in NYC Friday

The American Kennel Club's (AKC) "Museum of the Dog" is being unleashed on New York City and enthusiasts of man's best friend will have a plethora of canine-related artwork at their fingertips.  "Through the Museum's extensive collections of fine art and artifacts, dynamic exhibits and activities, and occasional real-life interactions with famous dogs," the AKC's website says,"visitors to the new museum in New York will develop a deeper understanding of, and love for, our canine companions."

The museum, which is located a stone's throw from the famed Grand Central terminal in Manhattan and officially opens to the public Friday, boasts one of the largest collections of dog art in the world, reports CBS New York.

Interested in checking out a sculpture of a little Yorkshire Terrier sitting in a WW II-era helmet? The museum has it. Hoping to see a portrait of a presidential pup? The museum houses a painting of the late George H.W. and Barbara Bush's dog, Millie by Christine Merrill. Those wondering which dog breed they most resemble can get a face scan at the digital exhibit "Find Your Match" and be paired with the pup they look most like. There's even a section dedicated to pups in pop culture, reports Inside Edition.

"We have all the great hits here,"museum Director Alan Fausel told CBS New York. "It's us sharing that with the rest of the world, and the dog loving public of New York."

While the museum may be new to many, the opening in Manhattan actually signals a return to its roots. The museum first opened in New York in 1982, but after just five years was relocated to St. Louis, according to a press release from the AKC. After over 30 years, the museum is coming back and will be located in the same building as AKC headquarters.

While the museum honors dogs, it isn't necessarily open to them as visitors.

"We're in a modern office building so out of respect to our neighbors, we want to keep the noise down. But service dogs are certainly allowed, and we will have dogs for demonstration, for educational opportunities that we have here," Fausel told Inside Edition. However, the entire museum is kid friendly, so pet owners can bring their non-fur babies along.

The museum is open Tuesday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., according to its website. Adult tickets are $15, with $5 tickets for children and discounts for seniors, students, active military and veterans.

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