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"Amazing Race:" Message in a Bottle

Three teams on "Amazing Race" were one coconut short of a clue in Sunday's night non-elimination leg of the journey.

But cowboys Jet and Cord made a second flub when they left behind a bottle containing directions to the pit stop and had toswim back to retrieve it. They came in last, which means they will have to perform an extra task next week to stay in the race.

First across the finish line in the journey through the Seychelles were father-daughter team Steve and Allie.

Photos: "The Amazing Race"

They won a special gift from episode sponsor 7-UP: $7,000 each, a massage, an outdoor buffet and all the soda they can drink.

However, they did leave their backpacks behind. Because they had a fanny pack with their passports and money with them, they decided not to go back for the backpacks and finish the race in their swimsuits.

Brothers Dan and Jordan came in second, followed closely by dating models Brent and Caite. The three teams that had been the strongest up to now arrived at the pit stop in the bottom half. Detectives Louie and Michael, who had successive first-place wins, came in fourth and lesbians Carol and Brandy came in fifth.

The women were actually the last team to arrive, but the cowboys were sent back out to sea to retrieve a bottle with the missing clue. Too clever for their own good, Jet and Cord managed to find the pit stop without the treasure map that was in the bottle. But the trip back to get it put them in last place.

The task that had the three teams stumbling was the one that required them to load a pile of coconuts on an oxcart and ride them to market. The models, the cowboys and lesbians all left one coconut behind and had to go back to retrieve it.

Caite's grumbling about fairness and dislike of the game after she made this mistake made for some funny TV watching.

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