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"Amazing Race" Goes to the Circus

The 11 teams competing in the newest installment of CBS's multi-Emmy Award-winning series, "The Amazing Race." (John P. Filo/CBS) John P. Filo/CBS

NEW YORK (CBS) Father-and-son team Michael and Kevin Wu were eliminated from "The Amazing Race" in Sunday's episode, which saw the teams racing through St. Petersburg landmarks and trying their hands at circus games and a Russian version of lawn bowling.

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The Wu's were able to get 10 plates spinning in the clown tent at Avtovo circus, but they fell behind in Gorodki, a game in which pins are aligned in three sets of patterns and contestants must knock each set down and into the gutter in two tries, using a bat instead of a bowling ball.

Michael just never got the hang of the game, and though they were just the second team to arrive, they were the next-to-last to finish. That would have been OK, had they not failed to read the instructions in their clues, not once, but twice. The first time, they followed a cab instead of finding the landmark themselves. In the second, they walked, not rode to the last destination.

Their one hour penalty put them dead last.

Doctors Nat and Kat made another first-place finish, winning prizes of $5,000 each. Next across the finish line in this order were: Brook and Claire; Nick and Vicki; Gary and Mallory; Jill and Thomas; Chad and Stephanie.