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Amanda Knox's Parents Face Slander Charges in Daughter's Italian Murder Case

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PERUGIA, Italy (CBS) Amanda Knox's parents probably never wanted to see the inside of an Italian courtroom again, but both Edda Mellas and Curt Knox were back in Perugia, Italy, Tuesday to answer slander charges for statements they made to the press regarding their daughter's treatment by Italian police.

PICTURES: Verdict In Italy

Knox's parents, who were divorced when Amanda was young, are charged with slandering the police who interrogated their daughter in 2007 following the murder of her roommate Meredith Kercher. Prosecutors say the slander occurred during an interview Edda Mellas and Curt Knox gave to a British newspaper.

Amanda and her parents have always professed her innocence, and Amanda testified in court that she only signed a purported confession after nine hours of interrogation, during which she says she was verbally abused and slapped on the back of the head at least twice.

She appeared in court June 1 to answer slander charges and if she is convicted of defamation, it could add up to six years to her 26-year prison sentence for murder in Italy. If her appeal on the murder charges is successful, she could still end up in prison, based on the new slander allegations.

PICTURES: Verdict In Italy

Meantime, Amanda's parents say they believe the charges against them will be thrown out.

"We have just restated exactly what she (Amanda) had told us and what she experienced," Curt Knox told CBS affiliate KIRO.

Curt Knox said that his daughter was only recounting her experience as a means of explaining why she was in the situation she was in, and didn't intend to slander anyone.

Edda Mella and Curt Knox are scheduled to appear for trial October 19, the same month that Amanda's appeal in the murder case is set to begin.


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