Alleged Tattoo Bully Pleads Not Guilty; Accused of Helping Tattoo Learning Disabled Teen

Clockwise from left: Donald Wyman, Travis Johnston, Ryan Fisk, Blake Vannest (CBS)
Clockwise from left: Donald Wyman, Travis Johnston, Ryan Fisk, Blake Vannest (CBS)

CONCORD, N.H. (CBS) Travis Johnston, 18, one of the four young New Hampshire men accused of forcing a 14-year-old special needs student to get a tattoo pleaded not guilty in court Tuesday, according to local reports.

According to police, victim, a high school freshman, left Concord High School for three hours on May 10 and headed to Johnston's house where the incident took place.

Authorities say classmates told the victim they would leave him alone under the condition that he got a tattoo on his rear end, reports the Smoking Gun.

The boys then proceeded to tattoo an image of a penis and the words "poop d**k" on the boy.

Johnston and Donald Wyman, 20, allegedly stood aside while their two friends Ryan Fisk, 19, and Blake Vannest, 18 gave the freshman the offensive tattoo, said ABC affiliate WMUR.

"This is by far, [in] my 30 years as an educator, the worst event that I've ever had to deal with," Principal Gene Connolly told reporters.

A teacher saw students passing around photos of the tattoo and notified police. According to WMUR, Johnston feels remorse. "Before I got in trouble, I regretted it," he said. "I wish it never happened."

Johnston, along with the other three suspects, faces charges of conspiracy to commit endangering the welfare of a minor and criminal liability to conduct of another, said WMUR.

If convicted the four students could face prison sentences from three to 13 years.