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'All-Access' To Land Of Rising Sun!

Rarely does a chocolate bar contain as much delight as the one opened in the famous Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco Friday by Todd Pippin, of St. Helena, which is in the heart of California's wine country.

Dave Price picked four finalists out of a crowd and, in the shadow of the Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, gave each one a chocolate bar and told hopefuls to open them. One, Price said, would contain an "All-Access" pass to a very special trip.

It turned out Pippin had the one, then Price announced the two would be winging it first-class on Japan Airlines to — Tokyo, for one heck of a weekend!

They'll be staying in the Four Seasons Hotel in the Japanese capital on a trip organized by the Japanese National Tourism Organization.

On Tuesday, Price will tell Early Show viewers all about the weekend.

This is the last "All-Access" trip in the current series.

But even if you couldn't get to the cities Price visited to hand out the trips, you can still win an amazing "All-Access Pass" weekend by playing at home. On Tuesday, Oct. 31, we'll ask a question about the Tokyo adventure. Every correct answer enters you for a chance for the ultimate "All-Access" weekend — a trip for two to Super Bowl XLI in South Florida, which airs on CBS on Feb. 4, 2007.

Click here for details and to enter.

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