Alec Baldwin Fined By Court

Actor Alec Baldwin lost a civil court case Monday, but won a minor victory against paparazzi, CBS News Correspondent Thalia Assuras reports.

Baldwin had scuffled with a photographer in 1995. The photographer, Alan Zanger, was trying to take pictures of Baldwin's wife, actress Kim Basinger, and their newborn baby.

The actor had spotted the photographer across the street from his Woodland Hills home as the couple were bringing their daughter home for the first time.

Zanger, a photographer who makes his living selling pictures of celebrities, sued Baldwin for $200,000 for pushing him. But jurors Monday initially awarded Zanger only $6,000.

The jury did not award Baldwin any damages, but later reduced the $6,000 award to Zanger to $4,500 because it found he was 25 percent to blame for the incident.

Although Baldwin admitted pushing Zanger, the panel did not find that the actor had assaulted him. Zanger claimed the actor had hit him and broke his nose.