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Al Qaeda in Yemen Settles Accounts With Security Officials...Mafia Style!

(Sada al Malahem)
Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's media house released a new video about the assassination of Major Mohammed Ben Rabeesh al-Kaalan, head of the Security Directorate in Marib province last October. The 10-minute video produced by Sada al Malahem was entitled "Rabeesh and the Just Punishment" and opens with an introduction that shed some light on al Kaalan and the reason why al Qaeda decided to kill him.

The group claims in the video that al Kaalan was a bitter enemy of the militants and a strong ally to the "apostates." He collaborated closely with the U.S. embassy in Sanaa, they claim, and used to "regulary receive the U.S. ambassador to Yemen in his home."

The group blamed the man for the death of former al Qaeda leader Abu Ali al Harthi, a good friend of al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden, and one of the men behind the attack on USS Cole in 2000.

Al Harthi was killed back in 2002 in a U.S. drone attack on al Qaeda positions in Maarib desert, 160 kms northern the Yemeni capital. The group also held al Kaalan responsible for the killing of four militants killed by Yemeni security forces in 2007.

The video finally shows pictures of the booby-trapped package that was sent to al Kaalan in October 2008. The pictures show that it was designed to explode when the box was opened. Al Kaalan opened it on the morning of October 20th and was killed by the explosion.

The group warned other Yemenis collaborating either with the Yemeni President Ali Saleh's regime or with the U.S., that they would meet the same fate if they conspired against the militants.