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Al Muhajir Says Al Qaeda In Iraq Behind London And Glasgow Car Bombings

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The leader of al Qaeda in Iraq claimed in an audio statement posted online today that his group was behind the June 2007 bomb plots in London and Glasgow. Abu Ayyub al Masri, who is also known as Abu Hamza al Muhajer, claimed that al Qaeda in Iraq carried out a number of operations, specifically mentioning the 2007 Glasgow plot and claiming that the operation failed due to a mistake by one of the militants, who made a phone call a few days before the operation advising that the attack was about to take place.

Al Masri also warned there will be future attacks against Britain, the U.S. and Australia. "We bring good tidings to you O' leaders of Britain, America and Australia for what's yet to come... for God has inspired us with what they could not reverse or detect," he said.

The statements were part of a 43-minute interview with al Masri organized by al Furqan Media, the mouthpiece of al Qaeda-led Islamic State of Iraq. In the interviews, he also talked about developments in Iraq, the awakening councils and the other Iraqi factions.

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