Al Furqan Media Presents: Martyrdom Knights IV

(al Furqan Media)
The mouthpiece of al Qaeda-led Islamic State of Iraq released a new video featuring three suicide attacks against Iraqi/coalition forces in Diyala and Baghdad. The 32:31 minute video entitled: "Martyrdom Knights IV" and released by al Furqan Media starts with an operation carried out by an Iraqi militant identified as Abu Hafs al Ansari. The man rammed a tanker loaded with what the group claimed were 36 thousand litres of liquid gas into the headquarters of the ING forces in Diyala. The second attack targeted Georgian forces stationed on al Sada Bridge in Baaqubah and was carried out by an Iraqi suicide bomber going by the name Abu Ayman al Ansari. The third targeted the headquarters of the Iraqi anti-terrorist police unit in Baghdad and was carried out by a militant called Abu Sayaf al Ansari.