Al Baghdadi Confirms The Death Of Al Qaeda In Iraq's Second-in-Command

(Islamic State of Iraq )

The leader of al Qaeda-led Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) Abu Omar al Baghdadi, confirmed the death of al Qaeda in Iraq's second in command Abu Qaswarah al Maghribi in a new audio tape released on militant Islamist websites today. Al Baghdadi described al Maghribi as the commander of the northern regions and the deputy of al Qaeda leader in Iraq. The eight-minute tape includes a a short clip showing the slain al Qaeda commander walking along the shores of a river or a lake.

According to al Baghdadi, Al Maghribi died in a suicide attack after he blew himself during an attack in Mosul. "I was pleased that God has honored and chosen him to die a martyr amidst his men," al Baghdadi said, eulogizing Al Maghribi.

Al Baghdadi also said al Maghribi's journey began in Afghanistan where he was known as "Abu Talha al-Maghribi" (Abu Talha The Moroccan) and explained that he had scorned his Swedish citizenship and removed his five children which he hasn't seen for three years to a safe place before going to fight in Iraq.