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Aishwarya Rai Has Quiet 33rd Birthday

Bollywood's top actress, Aishwarya Rai, turned 33 on Wednesday and planned a quiet day with her family to celebrate, a news report said.

The former Miss World-turned movie star was to begin the day with a visit to a Hindu temple in Mumbai, India's financial and entertainment capital, with her family — something which she does every year, The Times Of India newspaper quoted Rai as saying in an interview.

"There will be no loud parties ... my birthday is a very private affair," she said.

"Considering I have to leave for Dubai on Wednesday, it will be over early, too," Rai said. Click here, to see photos of Aishwarya Rai.

Earlier this week, she denied newspaper reports of an impending marriage with popular actor Abhishek Bachchan.

"For now, could Abhishek and I be allowed to concentrate on our individual careers, please?" Rai was quoted as asking in the Mumbai Mirror newspaper. "I've absolutely no plans for marriage in the near future."

"When there is a marriage, I won't hide it," she said. "I'll stand on the rooftops and talk about it."

On Wednesday, The Times Of India quoted her as saying that Bachchan is "a friend for sure and we get on really well."

"He's fantastic at what he does and deserves the acknowledgment he is getting now," she said.

The couple star in "Umrao Jaan," a remake of a Bollywood classic about a courtesan named Ameeran, or Umrao Jaan Ada, kidnapped from her home and sold to a brothel. The movie is slated to be released this month.

Rai has told interviewers she is considering a project with Will Smith and has already reviewed the script for it.

Last month, Rai launched a new Nakshatra collection of diamond jewelry from Diamond Trading Corp. in Mumbai,

Mumbai, formerly called Bombay, is home to Bollywood, India's prolific movie industry.