Air Force Two, Take One

Vice President Al Gore at the Old School Square Gymnasium in Del Ray Beach, Fla.
Will there be a rally in Scranton? Seems like a simple question. Word among the press corps was there might be a rally and there was time on the schedule. Yet the event wasn't listed, and our campaign handler wouldn't confirm it. What's up? What’s the big deal? Seems like a good time to have a rally. I mean Tuesday was the kickoff of the Progress and Prosperity tour.

When Air Force 2 pulled up to the airport hangar, I thought to myself, "Finally they have done something right." The place was packed. The hangar was well lit. AF2 made a great backdrop. The music was upbeat. I gave it a ten.

My only question: Why hide this great event?

The vice president came running off the plane to the roar of the waiting crowd. He gave a great speech. Well, the speech was the same old speech, but he delivered it with newfound enthusiasm and vigor. He took off his jacket to show off his trim, buff bod. Hey, you can't blame him for showing off a good thing.

What's up? Why was he so inspired? And why the cloak and dagger about the rally?

Well, it seems Gore's ad team was following him and doing some filming for future commercials. The rally had to look good so it would look good on television. The vice president didn't just do the rope line once, he did it twice. He dove into the crowd. He shook hands and kissed babies. And he took his sweet time. Got to give the ad men; lots of nice shots.

The photo-op resumed Wednesday morning. His first stop was a local family owned pharmacy. Not a bad shot, but lots of press folks in the way. The motorcade then did something very un-Gore like: It stopped to greet the little people. Twenty to 30 little people. Some nursery school kids had made signs and were waiting by the side of the road. What a perfect stop for the commercial makers; candidates and kids always make nice pictures.

The crew jumped out of the van. They jockeyed for position and set up their shot. "You got it?" one crew member asked the other. "Yeah, looks good," he said, but "Ahhhhh, I got his bald spot."