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After Wisconsin loss, Barrett supporter slaps him

Tom Barrett. AP Photo/Andy Manis

(CBS News) After a loss in Wisconsin's gubernatorial election Tuesday night, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett took another blow - literally - when one of his own supporters slapped him.

Barrett, who was challenging incumbent Gov. Scott Walker in a closely-watched recall election, to Walker 54 percent to 45 percent. The mayor conceded the race late Tuesday night, saying that while "the state remains divided," he hopes all sides will remain engaged to serve the interests of Wisconsin families.

The polls had closed by the time he gave his concession speech, but some voters were still waiting inside the polling stations to vote due to high turnout, according to WISN's Terry Sater. One woman was angry Barrett had conceded before everyone inside the polling station had voted, and confronted him to say so.

According to Sater, she asked Barrett if she could slap him for conceding, and Barrett said he'd rather give her a hug. He leaned down, presumably for the hug, and got socked instead. WISN captured the incident on on video.

"She was upset with the mayor she came up and slapped him, and said, how dare you concede while there are people still trying to vote," Sater said. "This woman, upset about that, and she slapped the mayor. He seemed very stunned by the fact that she had done that."

The Milwaukee mayor did not comment on camera about the incident, but was reportedly very surprised by the woman's actions.

Watch video of the incident below, via TPM.

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