After ban, N.Y. boy begins season on girls' field hockey team

In this undated photo Keeling Pilaro, 13, takes a shot as a member of the East End Field Hockey club in New York. Pilaro, who grew up playing field hockey in Ireland, has been told that after two years as a member of the Southampton High School girls' team, he is now too skilled to qualify for an exemption allowing him to compete with, and against, girls next season.
AP Photo/Andrew Pilaro

(CBS/AP) SOUTHAMPTON, N.Y. - A 14-year-old boy who won a battle to play on a Long Island girls' field hockey team has played his first game of the season.

Keeling Pilaro told Newsday on Monday that it was a great relief to be playing the game he loves.

His Southampton High School team won 5-0 against Walt Whitman.

Last spring Pilaro fought for the right to be the first boy to play on the girls' field hockey on Long Island, which has no boys' teams.

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He had been denied permission to compete this fall on that basis he was too skilled to play against girls.

In May, an athletics committee determined he could keep playing on the girls' varsity team, at least for one more season.

CBS News correspondent Terrell Brown went one-on-one with Keeling Pilaro in field hockey. To see how Terrell fared, click on this video: