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Ads Target Key Primary States

While most of the country was enjoying turkey and football games over the holiday weekend, voters in key primary states saw a series of presidential campaign television ads.

Doug Bailey, The Hotline Executive Publisher, told CBS Early Show Anchor Bryant Gumbel that advertisements this far in advance of the election are basically introductions to the candidates.

"For the political junkies in the media and for a few others, they're quite important," Bailey said, "because while the election is a year away for the rest of us, in New Hampshire and Iowa, it's just around the corner."

Bailey said political ads are contests to grab people's attention.

"Most [ads] are not effective unless they become news events in and of themselves," Bailey said.

Texas Governor George W. Bush's holiday ad — narrated entirely by the candidate — focused on the standard Republican pitch to seem tough on defense.

"Bush is trying to give himself some credentials in the foreign policy and defense policy area which he doesn't have as governor of Texas," Bailey said. "South Carolina is a battleground with John McCain, [who] has those credentials."

Bailey said he liked McCain's ad, which highlights the time he spent as a prisoner of war by using black and white video footage.

"It takes McCain's defining moment in his life and tries to define [him] that way for the voters," Bailey said.

Bailey said Vice President Al Gore's television spot — filled with images of Gore and his family with no narration — was fluff without much substance.

"It's trying to say, 'I'm not Bill Clinton. I'm another person,'" Bailey said.

Voters can access information on the candidates and important issues in the campaign on

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