Adorable: Cat and dolphins play together

cat and dolphin

(CBS) - Start your week off right with this video of one of the most improbable - and adorable - animal pairings we've ever seen. People on a tour boat got a shock when their cat started making friends with the wildlife. The gregarious dolphins seem to take a shine to the cat, named Thunder, and what follows is nearly two minutes of cute interspecies hijinks.

As great as it is for humans to see dolphins up close, imagine what it's like for the cat. Thunder and the dolphin clearly hit it off. Lots of us have nuzzled a cat before, so we know how the dolphin feels, but what is the kitty thinking? All we can do is watch and say, "Aww."

Also, Steve Hartman investigated this surprisingly common occurrence of animal odd couples. Watch his Sunday Morning piece below featuring Dillie the deer and her canine friend.