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Adam Sandler is not dead [VIDEO]

Reports of actor Adam Sandler's death, to borrow a famous line, "have been greatly exaggerated". The rumor spread through Twitter after a website reported the actor was involved in a snowboarding accident. He is alive and well.

Saturday an eruption occurred along the middle of the Kilauea Volcano's east rift zone after one its crater floors collapsed. Lava from the fissure was seen erupting 65 to 80 feet into the air.

Japanese mathematics professor Kokichi Sugihara has onlookers questioning their own vision. He is one of the world's leading optical illusionists. He specializes in building what he calls, "impossible objects," models that appear to defy the laws of Physics.

Thousands in Anchorage, Alaska witnessed the ceremonial start of the annual Iditarod competition. A brutal sled dog race that covers 1,100 miles of freezing terrain.

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