Across The Media Universe: Lara Croft, Media Censor Edition

(Paramount Vatage)
Interview, Interrupted: So this is what a collision at the intersection of celebrity and Important Journalism looks like. At an appearance promoting "A Mighty Heart" -- the movie about the death of Daniel Pearl -- the folks managing Angelina Jolie, who plays Pearl's widow, asked journalists to agree "not ask Ms. Jolie any questions regarding her personal relationships. In the event Interviewer does ask Ms. Jolie any questions regarding her personal relationships, Ms. Jolie will have the right to immediately terminate the interview and leave." Given the fact that the movie is devoted to press freedoms, Fox News' Roger Friedman and some other journalists are up in arms about the whole thing. And they're right, in principle. But these potatoes are awful small.

Barack On: A savvy self-promoter called Leah Kauffman has made a video about what a hottie that Barack Obama is, and it's getting plenty of play on the series of tubes. In related news, Matthew Felling's new single "Biden Got Back" should be ready in time for the holiday season.

Rather, Rinse, Repeat: Today In "tarting it up" news: American Women in Radio & Television are hammering Dapper Dan Rather for his comments about the "Evening News," expressing "deep disappointment" for the "sexist nature of his remarks." But! A former CBSer points out to TVNewser that Rather used the expression in a 2001 interview with Terry Smith, where he was referring to no one in particular, so maybe he wasn't being sexist after all. The pointless debate rages on!