"Abusive Wife" Costume? Woman accused of assaulting boyfriend claims she was dressed the part

Cristina Crespo
Clawson, Mich. Police via CBS Detroit
(CBS) CLAWSON, Mich. - Police say a suburban Detroit woman who claimed she was dressed as an abusive wife for a Halloween pub crawl with her boyfriend attacked him for real during a drunken rage.

The boyfriend, according to CBS Detroit, was supposedly dressed as a victim.

Clawson police Lt. Scott Sarvello called it "ironic."

The Daily Tribune reported that the woman, Cristina Crespo, 26, of Sterling Heights, was arraigned Monday on a charge of misdemeanor assault and battery.

Police said Crespo had a blood-alcohol level of .19 - more than twice the .08 legal limit for driving in Michigan.

Crespo first caught the attention of the law when patrol officers reportedly spotted her lying on the sidewalk outside a restaurant in Clawson during the pub crawl. Police talked to her, decided she was clearly intoxicated, and followed her inside to check on her welfare, the Tribune reported.

At some point, Crespo told police she was dressed as an abusive wife, and was going inside to talk to her boyfriend.

"The officers they said if she hadn't made that statement they would have had no idea what she was dressed as," Lt. Sarvello said, adding the boyfriend had a stream of red running from his nose as his attempt at a costume.

"(It was) to make it look like he was bleeding," Sarvello said.

After checking on the situation, the officer was leaving when he heard a commotion. Crespo was allegedly hitting and berating her boyfriend, screaming and causing a scene.

"She wouldn't stop," Sarvello said. "They were like 'hey, hey, hey,' getting her attention. The report reads that she was loud and belligerent."

The detective added the restaurant owner told officers she had been assaulting the boyfriend in the restaurant earlier, too.

"Obviously, with the alcohol, something snapped," Sarvello said.

Crespo is free on bond. She is scheduled for a pretrial hearing Nov. 6.

Until then, she is barred from using alcohol or having contact with her boyfriend.

Happy Halloween!