Report: Malaysia's "Snake whisperer" dies after cobra bite

A Malaysian firefighter who was famous for his snake-handling skills reportedly died after he was bitten by a cobra. Abu Zarin Hussin, 33, died Friday during an operation during an operation in Bentong, Malaysia's The Star Online reports.

Mohd Sani Harul with the Selangor Fire and Rescue Department told The Star Online that Hussin was bitten and sent to a nearby hospital. His body will be transported to his hometown in Kelantan where he will be buried.

Hussin was known as the "snake whisperer" and reportedly lived with several snakes to better understand their behavior. In October, he was featured on "Asia's Got Talent" where he kissed a cobra on its head.

In 2016, British tabloids, including the Daily Mail and Daily Mirror, published claims that Hussin married a 10-foot-long cobra because he believed it was his reincarnated girlfriend. Hussin denied the reports and expressed his disappointment over them.

Hussin told the BBC he was "very disappointed" by the reports, which used pictures from his Facebook page.