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A White House Christmas Wedding

Talk about coincidence. The new White House ornament is out, and it features a White House wedding.

No, not first daughter Jenna's, but the first ever in the president's house, that of Grover Cleveland to Frances Folsom in 1886.

While the latest buzz is that Jenna and fiance Henry Hager are leaning toward a Texas wedding, the White House Historical Association that produces the ornament describes a Washington ceremony that the discreet first betrothed might consider.

On the evening of June 2, Cleveland and Folsom, surrounded by government officials and friends, traded vows in the Blue Room. John Philip Sousa's Marine Band played the Wedding March.

Then the couple held a larger, candlelit dinner in the State Dining Room before slipping on street clothes and then secretly out the back door to their waiting honeymoon coach.

By Paul Bedard

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