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A Tale Of Two Time Capsules

ThereÂ's a 19th Century time capsule at the First Church of Christ Congregational Church in Connecticut. Among its contents are some sermon texts, some newspapers and a list of people responsible for a construction project during which the capsule was buried.

It was to be opened this year, on the congregationÂ's anniversary, but they couldnÂ't find it. "X" did not mark the spot on the map. Apparently, the capsule is not under the mark, but near it - inside a wall that has become too structurally important to be disturbed.

Disappointed, but not discouraged, the congregation buried its own time capsule. One member says that the most important thing in it is the information packet given to new members.

They hope it will tell the story of those who placed it there: How they lived and how they felt about their role in the community. Also included are some hymnals, some history and a Beanie Baby book - a suggestion from the children.

The 19th Century didnÂ't deliver any anniversary presents, but it did deliver a valuable lesson. The new time capsule is marked by a granite slab, in a spot they wonÂ't have any trouble getting at next century.

By then, they may just beam that other capsule out of that wall.

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