A Slow Day Sends Judge Scalia To Lunch

Even United States Supreme Court justices get a break during the busy season, and Thursday found Justice Antonin Scalia noshing at what's said to be one of his favorite Italian restaurants. Near the far wall in the fab Ristorante Tosca sat Scalia and a pal taking in a leisurely 90-minute lunch. We couldn't tell what he was eating or what was in the bottle on his table, but he appeared to be having a good time and was gracious to the staff, giving thank-yous on the way out. Nobody approached Scalia, probably one of the most famous court members, but that's probably because many of the lobbyists and former administration officials sitting at nearby tables in the power restaurant think they're nearly as important in their own fields. In fact, the restaurant, No. 20 on Washingtonian's 100 Best Restaurants list, is regularly home to cabinet officials, senators, House members, and their staffs. It's also huge with the law firms in the neighborhood: We overheard two lawyers calling it their "firm cafeteria."

By Paul Bedard