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A Show Of Wedding Dresses

Glamour magazine brings to The Saturday Early Show the latest trends in wedding dresses. The magazine's executive fashion director, Suze Yalof, shared tips on what is best for certain body types.

She also says not to be afraid of the big princess-style dresses. Although man women think they are ugly or not very modern, those type of dresses help give women support and help hide figure "flaws." Yalof says it's often the dress you think you'll like the least that is the most flattering.

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Remember: The bride sets the tone for the wedding, so what you wear (formal or more casual) really helps to determine the mood.

But also bear in mind the time of day and location of the ceremony; certain places of worship require women to cover their heads or their shoulders.

Most important, says Yalof: "You want to make sure it is something you feel gorgeous in. If you don't, don't buy it."

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