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A Scanner In Your Pocket

A miniature handheld scanner that translates what you've scanned into text. Tom Tesluk is with the developers at Siemens...

"The Pocket Reader acts, in fact, like a bridge between the world of text and the digital world. It allows you to capture information in much the same way that you might have used a yellow highlighter, in fact we refer to this as a digital highlighter. And once captured in the device, you can download it later, at your convenience into a desktop or laptop computer."
Either a PC or a Mac. The Pocket Reader weighs just three and a half ounces....and has a scanning tip and an LCD screen. Run the tip along the words you want to capture...

It'll store a total of 40 thousand characters. Which is to say about twenty pages of text. Which is in practice, much more than you'd ever need to store because typically, you would use this device to scan information and then you'd download that information into your computer."
It takes practice to use and even then the accuracy isn't perfect. But it is cool. The price...under 170 dollars. You can find more information at

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