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A Salute To Military Dads

This Sunday is Father's Day - a chance for everyone to honor dad. The Early Show's Dave Price recently traveled to Fort Hood, Texas, where he met up with some kids who won't be able to be with their dads on their special day. The following is his report:

Many kids will spend the next few days frantically searching for that perfect Father's Day gift. But for the children of Fort Hood in Texas, just being able to say, "I love you, Dad" is gift enough.

Holding a family portrait, Quincy says, "Hi, Dad, this is me, Quin. I'm wishing you a happy Father's Day, and I want you to know that I miss you. And I want you to know that we are going to do lots of father/son things when you get home from Iraq. I love you, Dad."

Tyler tells Price when he thinks of his, dad he is most proud of "the fact that he's protecting every single American out there." His little sister, Sam, adds, "That he's fighting for freedom."

If she were to update her dad on something big that's happening in her life, what would that be? Sam says, "My cat got into a cat fight." Tyler quickly corrects her, "No, we're not talking about that."

Serena shares about her dad through a poem she wrote. Sitting next to her two younger siblings with tears in her eyes, she reads: "Our daddy is special because of his job. Many people don't understand it because it's for a good cause. He makes it safe for you and me so we can do what we please.

"He soon will come home one day. This is what we prayed. So please remember him and the soldiers while they are away."

So what is their Father's Day going to be without him around? "Not the same, probably," Serena says. "It's going to be weird because he's not here."

Asked if her brother is misbehaving while her dad's away, she says, "Yes, sometimes."

To the boys and girls in Iraq who are meeting Alicia's dad, she tells them, "My Dad is really nice, He won't hurt anyone. He's helping Iraq to protect our country."

As she cries, she says what makes it so tough for her is "that we are not able to hear his voice every day in our life for this whole year."

Britney's message to her dad is: "We're doing great. Mom misses you a lot, and we really miss you and I wish you a happy Father's Day. And I love you."

Little John says, "Dad, I just want to say I love you. I'm doing good in school and mom misses you a very lot."

To the boys and girls around the country who have parents at home and don't go overseas to fight wars, Jennica tells them they need to appreciate what they have.

"They are real lucky to have a dad for Father's Day," she says. "They can spend a great day with him."

Proud, showing her face full of freckles to the camera, Abigail says, "Hi, I'm Abigail and I want to wish my dad, Cpt. McVale, and all the other people's happy Father's Day."

Keith, who is a lot older than the kids who have spoken before him notes, "A lot of times, you hear someone is killed and the first thought is, 'Is this my dad?' So it's just very nerve-wracking a lot of times throughout the days, and you just never know what is going to happen."

To the younger kids around the base, he says, "Just make sure that you are always there for your mom or whoever's back there with you. Just always keep your head up."

To his dad, Darren says, "Dad, I really want you to know that I'm glad you're my father and that I'm proud of you for being in the Army and helping all the children of Iraq."

The Early Show thanks everyone at Fort Hood who came out to help us with this story. And a special thanks to all the moms - the unsung heroes - who are holding down the fort, while their husbands are away.

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