A quick and funny guide to college majors (in musical form)

(CBS News) Some time back, web comic series xkcd came out with an amusing (and sadly accurate) cartoon entitled "Every Major's Terrible". You can guess the conclusion it comes to on almost every college major available. And now that cartoon is being paid tribute in a musical medium. Take a listen.

The clever homage to the funny and semi-educational cartoon was posted on YouTube by Ben Miller who writes:

Ben Miller sing's Randall Munroe's "Every Major's Terrible" from the webcomic xkcd!

I did pretty good on my memorization, but there's a one word difference, who can spot it?

A wonderful piano rendition that does the original xkcd cartoon proud and has all of us here at The Feed both laughing and crying about our own choices in college majors. So what did you all think?  Leave me some comment love below with your thoughts.  And to check out more work by Ben Miller, you can visit his YouTube page by clicking here.