A Question Of Guilt II: She Catches a Star

Bonny finally gets a Hollywood man

By the late 1990s, after failing as a singer and actress, Bonny headed for Hollywood.

Years earlier, Bonny and her best friend Christina Scheier had gone to Hollywood with dreams of making it big. Bonny had a billboard erected on Hollywood Boulevard, using money she had made in her lonely hearts scam. She even published a doctored photo of her and Elvis, whom she'd never met, in a talent magazine.

But in 1998, Bonny arrived in Los Angeles with a plan to make her dream of being a celebrity come true. "Bonnie finally figured out, 'I'll marry a movie star'," Christina says. In May, 1998, Bonny wrote Christina saying she had finally caught a falling star. The celebrity was Robert Blake.

Harland Braun, Blake's attorney, says that Bonny and Robert had sex in Blake's car. "She basically proposed having sex with him on the spot," he says. "And she assured him she was on the Pill." Bonnie wrote Christina that she was also sleeping with another famous name, Christian Brando, son of actor Marlon Brando.

In a postcard, Bonnie told Christina she didn't know which man to choose. She settled on Blake, but she wasn't in the relationship for love or sex. She wanted money. Christina says Bonny devised an insidious plan to trap Blake.

"She was taking fertility pills, with the idea of getting pregnant in the first place," says Christina. "Bonnie didn't tell Robert Blake she was trying to get pregnant, or he probably wouldn't have slept with her."

In a recorded phone call, Blake is furious that she set him up. He hired investigators to check her background, and learned that Bonny had a criminal record and was on probation in Arkansas for possessing 30 false identities, which were used in her lucrative mail order scams.

"She was still seeing mail-order men, still ripping them off," says Christina. In October 2000, Bonny gave birth to a baby girl, Rose. When a DNA test confirmed the baby was Blake's, he decided to marry her.

"When Robert Blake saw the child at about three months, it was in very bad shape," says Harland. "The back of her head was flat from not being handled, laying down. And Robert saw Bonny putting Kaopectate in her formula, so that she wouldn't go to the bathroom as much." Blake alleges that Bonny was essentially abusing Rose by neglecting the child.

Bonny admitted to Christina that she was using the baby. "Bonny threatened to take the baby away if he wouldn't give her money," she says. Robert and Bonny were married in November of 2000. Weeks after the marriage, Christina claims, Bonny told her that Blake and his bodyguard, Earl Caldwell, were plotting to kill her.

"Bonny told me that they were on vacation and Bonny was drugged," says Christina. "Blake asked Earl to kill her and Earl said: 'I can't do it.' And Blake said, 'Don't worry, I'll find some other way.'"

Bonny's friend, Frankie Jean Lewis, doesn't believe Bonny was scared. Lewis says Bonny had plans of her own for Blake. "She said she hated him so she was going to kill him," says Lewis. "She couldn't stand him."

But police say Robert Blake was the first to strike. According to police, On May 4th, 2001, just after eating at his favorite Italian restaurant, Blake shot Bonny at point blank range. Hours earlier, Bonny had called her best friend Christina with a chilling prediction.

"She said 'He's going to kill me, if I don't get out of here," says Christina.

Is Blake innocent? His lawyer says he has evidence to show it. Find out what it is.