A+ For Palin Speech From Image Consultant

All eyes were on Sarah Palin Wednesday night when she delivered the biggest address of her political career at the Republican National Convention.

How did the GOP vice presidential nominee handle her defining moment?

Political imagery consultant and body language expert Joe Navarro, author of "What Every Body Is Saying," raved about Palin's performance to Harry Smith on The Early Show Thursday.

Navarro said, "I thought she did terrific. ... She was strong, she was affirmative. She had command of the theater. Totally comfortable. Nice, strong jaw. Good pointing gestures. She looked like a CEO. Terrific appearance."

Not only that, said Navarro, Palin had "very nice facial gestures that emphasized what's important, what she feels strongly about. She almost had the look of 'Bring it on.' How many times have we had someone like that who's not afraid, who sticks that jaw out, who is basically saying, 'I'm not scared of you. I'm not scared of anything that's coming my way.' And everything about her says, 'I'm sharp. I'm focused. I'm on top of things.' "

And from there, Navarro's glowing review just continued.