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A New Litter of Robotic Dogs

This time, 10 thousand are going on the market ...with orders being taken online from November first through the eighth. Sony's Masami Hirata...

"Our new breed actually comes in two colors now. One is black metallic and the other is grey-silver."
Touch sensors, microphones in the ears and a color camera in the nose only begin to tell you what has made the robotic dog a hot commodity on auction sites on the net....

"This is actually like a puppy. It will grow from a puppy stage. In the very beginning it just sits and it crawls and you have to give it a lot of love and attention and you should pat its head frequently because he has a touch sensor in there. You should call his name."
You should also call for a home equity loan if you want one. 25 hundred dollars....

"When you really take a close look at it and when you look at its functions and its capabilities, you can understand that there's so much advanced robotic technology that's been incorporated into this little piece."
You can sign up to buy from November first through the eighth at

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