A Foolproof Cold Calling Script

Last Updated Aug 25, 2011 8:24 PM EDT

Last week, a Sales Machine reader by the name of Mike Kroll posted a LONG comment to an older post. His comment laid out a method for cold calling that transforms the runaround that prospects often give you into a way to build a customer relationship. I like it because it's simple and straightforward.

Because Mike's script has "branches," I've laid it out a set of pages, so that you can click on the pages as you work Mike's script.

To get you started, here are Mike's opening remarks:

I believe the biggest fear we have in cold calling is being rejected. But if we can adopt a mentality that we are professional sales people and that there is no such thing as being rejected, things become a whole lot easier.

What's the easiest way to this mentality? Realizing that your whole goal is to present yourself as a professional. You are looking to develop a relationship, which is different than rapport building or talking about last nights game (every peddler on earth does that.

You are there to build something - not sell something. If the prospect does not want to build a relationship right now, then you can build it later. Therefore, there are no rejections.

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