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A Few Good Lawyers

As I was rummaging through the mail after a little vacation last week, I discovered all the president's lawyers have quit.

No surprise, really, as lawyers in government do, they were returning to private practice to make a living.

And, as is customary around Washington, their law firms mailed out little engraved cards announcing the news.

I got one from Covington and Burling, one of the biggest and most prestigious firms, announcing the return of Lanny Breuer, who was sort of a behind-the-scenes scandal manager in the Clinton White House, and he was a good one, too, a straight shooter and one of the best lawyers in town, as far as I know.

But the little blurb in this announcement was a reminder of what these last two years have been like in Washington.

It says: "During his tenure as special counsel, Mr. Breuer has represented the president and White House staff in the presidential impeachment hearings and trial, four independent counsel investigations, a Justice Department task force investigation, and numerous congressional oversight investigations."

Now that's a busy lawyer, and that kind of resume should generate a lot of business for his firm.

Still, it makes for an arresting thought, doesn't it? If you're looking for an experienced criminal lawyer, hire someone who worked at the White House.

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