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A Desktop Butler That Knows How to File Your Documents For You

I like to think of myself as an organized person, but the mess of files scattered all over my Windows desktop belie my veneer of efficiency. I handle so many files every day -- especially those that come in e-mail attachments -- that I can't keep up with filing them properly. Now I have some help.

DropIt is like a butler for your desktop. Drop files onto the DropIt icon on your desktop, and it will do the right thing for the particular file you've dropped. That might mean copying it to a particular folder, deleting it, or opening it with the appropriate program.

That means DropIt can be a real time-saver. Just configure a few simple rules -- like always copy images to the Pictures folder and spreadsheets to an Excel folder, for example -- and then you can drag files to DropIt to have them whisked away automatically.

Even better, the program recognizes patterns, so you can teach DropIt to move files with certain phrases in the filename to a particular folder. If a Word doc has "project x" in the filename, for example, DropIt can move it to your Project X folder.

Here's a cool use for DropIt: If your IT department forces you to use Adobe Reader but you'd rather use a faster, more efficient reader like FoxIt, you can tell DropIt to open PDF files with FoxIt. IT is happy, and so are you.

DropIt is a free download and easy to configure. If you're like me -- an efficient person trapped in an unorganized body -- you'll get a lot out of this cool little utility.

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