A day in the life of NFL Commissioner Goodell

Kroft's team lives out a fan's dream: Going behind-the-scenes with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell from the sidelines to Monday morning meetings.

How much fun did Steve Kroft have producing a profile of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell? You be the judge.

In this "60 Minutes Overtime" feature, come along for the ride as Kroft and his producing team of Frank Devine and Draggan Mihailovich go behind the scenes with an all-access pass to the NFL. The trio watches playoff games from the commissioner's box, hangs out with him on the sidelines (where Steve got a close look at Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis' banged-up helmet), and tours the NFL's new headquarters. Ever seen a reception desk in the shape a gigantic chrome football?

But the most interesting part of their reporting trip was, believe it or not, observing a management meeting. As you'll see here, Commissioner Goodell's weekly meeting is the ultimate in Monday morning quarterbacking. In a high-tech command center, Goodell and his top officials review the most controversial plays from the past weekend's games. The scene is every football fan's dream come to life.