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A critic's ranking of Billy Joel songs

Christopher Bonanos, an editor at New York Magazine, speaks to CBSN about his ranking of every single Billy Joel song that's ever been released. His list ignited an uproar on social media about the placement of some songs.

"I knew the Bill Joel canon pretty well and he's also a polarizing artist," Bonanos said. "I did know that it would be a kind of good argument starter."

Since releasing his first hit "Piano Man" in 1973, Bill Joel has become the third biggest singer-songwriter in the United States.

The cover of Billy Joel's "Piano Man" album

Coming in last at 120, is the song "We Didn't Start the Fire."

"It doesn't come off musically or lyrically," said Bonanos. "Even he has said it's not a very good song. The music is very static. It's the same on every verse."

The song "Don't Ask me Why" is ranked at 80 on the list. In his article Bonanos asks "what does this tropical-setting have to do with anything?"

To that, Bonanos said, "he's a guy from Long Island! Was he on vacation? It's bouncy and it's very catchy."

Watch the video above to see which song came in No. 1 on Bonanos' list. And then post your favorite song on the comments below.