A creative tour of two major cities on opposite coasts

(CBS News) The two biggest cities in the United States happen to be on complete opposite coasts: New York City and Los Angeles. And while it's impossible to tour them both physically in the course of a few minutes, we can take in some of the sights and sounds vicariously through the magic of the Internet. We'll kick this creative tour off "East side" (since I do live here) with the video above.

The Vimeo video directed by Sebastien Desmedt is entitled "New York Rework,"and gives an interesting, and quite literal, split perspective on the city that never sleeps. And while we took a look at time-lapse video earlier today (for science!), let's revisit this wonderful medium to switch gears (and coasts) with a colorful and visual take on the "city of Angels" in another Vimeo video entitled "TimeLAX 01" from iVideoMaking below.